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    Alts (Alternative)


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    Alts (Alternative)

    Post by Shows on Wed Dec 11, 2013 5:23 pm

    Alts in Grand Fantasia is another character you play.
    You may dual log 2 windows into another alt which makes it kinda laggy but fun.
    To dual log into 2 alts you may need 2 aeriagames accounts and log into them in 2 windows.

    You shall List your Alts so we know you are on still !

    My Current Alts are:
    -Shows (main character)
    -Ferrothorn (LV 40 PVPer)
    -Beare (Random Qt Alt <3)
    -xSadamex (my sister's main)
    -Azuriil (wizard alt)
    -TVShows (#2 Shows main)

    The Alts i can dual log into are:

    List your alts! Smile:Dwe shall get to know em.
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