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    Respawn Times for All Bosses


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    Respawn Times for All Bosses

    Post by Shows on Fri May 20, 2016 10:32 pm

    Alright so we are going to cover up Boss Respawn Times.

    First is the "Rare Monsters" Category in the History Tab.

    The monsters not listed in this category are Quest Bosses.

    Quest Bosses - 1 Minute Respawn

    Now is the monsters actually listed in the category.

    There are kinds of monster classes listed here.

    They are:

    Sub-Boss: Kind of Boss-like monsters you see everywhere.
    Unique Boss: The Monsters that appear within Yell Chat
    Elite Quest Boss: In deepfathom and such, need summoning quest items to spawn them.
    Rare Elite: Basically Timed Event Bosses. Sometimes some of them will say Rare Elite when they are not Timed Event Bosses. Just push them into the Sub-Boss section.
    World Boss Guard/Servant of the/An evil demon/The minion of/Followers of the: These are basically Emissary/Taro or aka World Boss summons.

    So Sub-Bosses take up 1-3 Minutes to Spawn.
    Unique Bosses is 1 hour after defeated, just like guild bosses.
    Rare Elite Timed Event Bosses. I dun rly know. sowwy!
    Quest bosses: 1 min respawn

    If theres a boss thing im forgetting just let me know...

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