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    Required Defenses Needed to Tank Dungeons


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    Required Defenses Needed to Tank Dungeons

    Post by Shows on Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:44 pm

    Required Defenses that's needed to tank dungeons.

    With the help of our players that ran all the dungeons and such, i will post a list of dungeons with the required amount of Defense.

    Prairie Cave - For the recommended levels 17-30, you will need atleast 2.5k defenses and 1.5k magic defense to tank regular mobs, 3k defense and 2k magic defense for bosses.

    Condemned Mine- 3.5k defense and 2.5k Magic Defense

    Deserted Temple- Should be same ish for above, except maybe 3k magic defense.

    Echo Cave -

    Roaring Maw -

    Holy King's Tomb -

    Ancient City of Vines - 5-6k defenses for both physical and magical. Mutated should be 7k-8k both defenses

    Phoenix Tower - 7k-8k defenses for both to atleast take some hits from regular mobs. 11k defense for armor crack from gael mobs and skeletons. same thing for Mutated

    Black Flame Ruins - atleast 8k-9k defense and 10k mdef. 8.5k both defenses are alright. 11k both defenses for Mutated.

    Forbidden Temple - 9k-11k defense and 9k-11k mdef. 11k both for Mutated.

    Crying Sailor - 11k to tank efficiently.

    Condemned Island - 11k without armor crack or so. 13k with armor crack

    Prismata - 11k both defenses

    Blazing Kaslow - should be same for above. Note that im unsure since i havent attempted these dungeons.

    Distorted Dimension -

    Other dungeons..

    Ship of Despair -

    Collapsed Mine -

    Forsaken Temple -

    Underground Catacombs - 9k defenses. 12k defense to tank boss as second boss does alot of damage for no reason.

    Wisewood Core -

    Knoll Fort -


    Know which dungeon/mutated dungeon has which defenses? Lemme know ingame!


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