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    New GFO Content 09/29/2016


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    New GFO Content 09/29/2016

    Post by Shows on Thu Sep 29, 2016 3:40 pm

    Dear messengers,

    The server is now open!

    Discover below the new content!

    New timed events in dungeons!
    Discover new challenges in every dungeon!

    Event in the Moonlight Forest!

    Bad parasites are affecting the forest's animals!! Secret Forest Hunter Moro is waiting for you in position X:541 Y:412 to give you a quest and resolve this mystery.

    L15 Moro's Comrade : Collect 5 Wolf Fang Decorations and exchange them against the event title "Forest's Champion"

    You will drop the decorations by killing mobs in the forest: summon the Secret Forest Mudling and the reward will be yours!

    You have some decorations left? Exchange them against Special food bags and try to win your own Mudling and other rewards!

    Battlefield update!

    Remember the survey we did a few weeks ago? Here are the results! The number of participants in the arenas have been changed permanently!

    New enchant level!

    You can now get gold enchants on your costumes!

    This is almost Halloween!

    Zoe is not really talented: if she cannot pass the Witch's trial this time, she will be thrown out from the Sorcery school!! Please help her, messengers!

    Delinquent Zoe is waiting for you in Ilya in X: 299 Y: 133 to give you two quests.

    L15 - Prophetic Sweets (REP) : talk to several NPCs, gather Divination Gems and exchange them against Magic Candy Wrappers and a Halloween Witch Fortune Bag.

    L15 - Prank Prep: collect 10 Magic Candy Wrappers and Emmy's and Daria's Autographed Pictures and get the event title "The Witch's Friend"

    Archives update!

    85 items have been added to the archives!

    Game improvements

    Login bonus reward for day 6 has been slightly adapted.

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    My opinion:
    Timed Events in dungeons is pretty cool, a side thing to do if your ina dungeon.

    Moonlight Forest Event: just a event to get titles and event-exclusive items

    Battlefield Update: 5-4 people to start an arena? That's too low. It's like permanent Crazy Battlefield. 3 people in 1 team vs a 2 player team, thats a number advantage. 2v2? That is way boring. Atleast make it 4v4 or 5v5.

    Yellow Costumes: Erhh yay, except more costy stuff

    Halloween Event: Just another event for event title and event items

    Archive Update: YESS

    Login Reward improvement: ehhhhh" />" />

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