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    Update on my status


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    Update on my status

    Post by Shows on Thu Feb 09, 2017 6:02 pm

    Hello guys. I have been inactive on Grand Fantasia. I kinda got bored of it and found a chat for a game i play so i'm doing other game activities. Don't worry, i still hold a place for GF in my heart. I probably wont update this forum but whatever. Love you all and thanks for reading my forums

    I didn't expect people to actually go and read my stuff that i post on my forums. And my GFO leveling guide has over 10k views! That's alot if you think about it. Honestly thank you for reading again, but i wont be forever gone. I still love GFO even when i get bored of it and leave it for time.

    Hopefully i'll be able to create new topics for you guys in this forum when i get ideas on guides and such.

    Thank you once more.
    Also I sound like a child from my earlier posts. I was weird when i was younger. Apologies for that lmao


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