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    Grand Fantasia Mobile Game (精靈樂章 - 手遊版)


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    Grand Fantasia Mobile Game (精靈樂章 - 手遊版)

    Post by Shows on Sat Apr 21, 2018 2:11 pm

    This game is made from the real X-Legend, who has made a few mobile games.
    The language is Taiwanese.
    The name of the Game is 精靈樂章 - 手遊版 , or Wizard Movement - Mobile Game
    If you want to be able to translate the game, then take a screen shot of the game, then go to the google translate app, click on camera, and click the button next to the take picture button, and select your image! Make sure the translation is Chinese to English. Then swipe the text you want to translate!

    It is an action-adventure RPG mobile game, you will have sprites in the game but you will have to unlock them by reaching either a certain character level, or beating a level in the world map (I don't remember).
    You have AP to act as your "STAMINA". Playing dungeons costs AP.
    You can obtain gems from clearing dungeons (get more by beating under a certain amount of time), logins, daily challenges, events and more.

    There isn't really a "class" thing. You have access to katana, hammer, rapier?, gun, dual swords, they all have the same attack same level and tier, but they give you access to a variety of skills. Change weapon for a different set of skills to use!

    When you unlock the sprites, there will be 3 islands each containing a sprite, you can obtain different sprites and change them and level them up for them completing tasks. You can level up the place by using gold to unlock more to craft, mine, and altar.
    Mine sprites get you materials needed for crafting quicker (you can get same materials in levels)
    Craft sprites can learn formulas to make stronger equipment (blue, purple, orange tier) using the shards. Altar sprites can make medicine to increase either your stats or your partner's stats, can make costumes when obtaining the shards to get the formula from special event dungeons, and can turn regular common partner exp food into the best partner exp food, and more!

    There is a partner system where you can have a team of 3 partners to assist you in battle with their 1 skill to occupy the skill list, which is 3 skills in total. At partner level 30, they obtain a stronger skill but with a bigger cooldown and you can switch between the skills, but only 1 skill can be equipped at a time. You can obtain more partners by "gacha" for them using stones, obtaining shards from dungeons, loot wheel, events.

    There's just a lot to this game and I am able to understand how to play just from the simple tutorials to the functions you have at the moment and the functions you unlock as you progress.
    If you want to try the game out, go ahead!

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