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Grand Fantasia Leveling Guide (1-100) Empty Grand Fantasia Leveling Guide (1-100)

on Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:36 pm
Welcome to the Grand Fantasia Public Leveling Guide!
I will write a full guide on how to level up fast! dont forget.. exp charms. Eating Popcorn

Note- I have got some nice and little details of the new maps. So now this Guide is Fully Updated for now. When new places, dungeons and stuff come, i will be sure to update thsi leveling guide!

You start as a NOVICE class, level 1, in Siwa Island.

Just do the [/color=#E27F74]main quest in siwa[/color] and you'll level quick. Or just kill mobs like the crabs near babama's hut at lvl1 till 5.

[color=##E2E074Once you get to level 5 your first class change comes! Acolyte (a healer class that uses magic)
Fighter (a tanky class with defense and attack) Hunter (A class that uses bows and arrows/guns and bullets and swords)
And Mage of course (a class with staves and magic)[/color]

After you finished the popup quest at lv6 you can enter one of the 3 capital city's nearby rookie place.Blue bay(kaslow, recommended) Shell hill (ilya) or ironwheel beach(jale).

Then once done all quests in one of the rookie places i listed above, move onto the next place!(moonlight forest, kaslow plains,steam mine mountain)

Most people would just get plvled to level 30 by high level players who grind in Auris Bay.

At Level 15 you get a upgraded class change. just obtain more skills.

At level 20 grind in Prairie Cave (PC)
If the mobs are too strong move to sprites forest, red ridge, or

At lv 26-29 if the mobs in PC get too easy for you try grinding in Condemned Mine (CM). If CM gets too easy, no other dungeon to grind in sadly, because DT has a level cap now due to merge.

At Level 30 You get to Choose a Class Change!
Warrior > Berserker (brave warrior that uses alot of atk) or Paladin (Tanky defense and attack type that can use healing magic)

Mage > Necromancer (a class that uses dark magic and can summon undead helpers) Wizard (a mage class that uses the three elements, fire,ice,electric)

Archer > Assasin (a sword-bow Class that can hide in the shadows to attack) Ranger (a Better Version of the Archer Class, Uses more ranged skills)

Priest > Sage (a Atk-Matk Def-Mdef Class that can morph into a wolf (atk),eagle (matk),or ape(atk) to take on any foe) Cleric (a Better Version of The Priest Class that uses greatly healing and magic)

Or you can perfer to stay at level 30 for PVP for Hellfire Battlefield

At 31 grind in cm till around a level before 40 to grind in dt if you can, grind in dt till 45 (dont forget to do wr)
then 45 grind in osi till 50. WPC MIGHT be another good spot to grind while leveling 45-50.
at 50 do rm and maybe wpc. around 53 do the worm rep in gaia woodlands.
while ur around 50-55 u can grind in PIP/TLM.
If the PIP/TLM mobs get too easy for you try grinding in knight valley. Around 55 u might unlock HKT, do HKT/RM and grind till 60. 60 u get to do acv.

On my cleric at around 50 i did the Dragon Wing Rep in Blakatoa Range, and i did dailies too, and did a bunch of other quests that helped me level.

You can do Battlefields now! Trial Maze is a great battlefield because you can get EXP and/or Mastery EXP!

Tip: Each Higher the Level, the more big your exp bar gets, and it can get harder and harder to level!

Another Tip: The Higher Level monsters you kill, the more exp you get!

Do some more ACV and at 63(fuu i hate this dung) SMF
at 68 do PT smf acv. at 65 or 66 try entering time rift blood soaked bay.

Note that before class changing at level 65, Go do your Four Seas Ancient Jewelry REP and get to 16k for the Mdef Pot!

Dont forget, you have got your class change quest now! More new awesome skills YEAH!

Leveling to 70 should be a breeze to you.

While your in the chain of level 71-75 u can start in Spirit Valley or grind in AB. Also around 73 grind in MSMF (Mutated Sunken Mechanical Fortress)

at level 65, you can get ur 4th class change, and not only that but will get a popup quest called distant cry for help or something, which will allow you to goto time rift!

At this range i've been really just spamming my dailies on my PP.

Level 76-90 link

Around 75-80 grind or buy mpt leech. Also do anything u can to lvl in Deepfathom/Time Rift!


Keep doing your dailies and grinding in MPT to get that exp up. Also spam FT, the MO gives a nice chunk of EXP and GOLD and Prestige too!

At level 85 is your 5th class change

Spam MBFR if you can

To get to level 90, grind in Dreamer's Plateau, and Also spam FT FT FT! until your 89. If possible, then Grind in Port Riptide. At level 88 u can do MFT, if you can solo it, then just do MFT with exp charms.

Now your a level 90, time to class change in ilya!

After your class change u become a awesome lvl 91!
Now Grind in MFT (Mutated Forbidden Temple) with exp items on and you'll level!
If you get bored of MFT try to Grind/Quest and give all ur best shot in Dreamers Plateau! A Note is that Dreamers Plateau DOESN'T give alot of exp. just a tiny, so i recommend u keep doing MFT.

Also, Try grinding in the newest place, Port Riptide.

Dunno what lvl required to enter Mutated Blazing Kaslow, but once you reached the required level to enter those dungeons, try grinding there!

That is all i have for now, thanks for reading and hope this helped!

Tips: Do dungeons, dailies, reps to help you get some exp!
juust spam TM

Have fun, good luck and best wishes to you leveling!
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