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Lag in GFO Empty Lag in GFO

on Sun Sep 30, 2018 7:03 pm
Lag in Grand Fantasia is awful, because it slows the movement and sometimes let the game not respond. Alot of people have lag problems like me so heres a few options you may do to lower
lag. But theres still a chance for lag.
Heres a few Options:
1: Press ESC
2: Click on the Options button
3: Click the Low button
4: Uncheck the Window button
5: OK
You will have a fullscreen window and a nice neat low settings for lag less. To Exit fullscreen,ESC,then options, then check Windows then GF is back to its window

Task Manager:
1. Open task manager
2. Click more details
3. Go to the details tab
4. Find the program that GFO is running on
5. Right click it
6. Set priority > high

You may also Uninstall Laggy,Unwanted,Trash Programs for your computer to be safe and less laggy maybe.

Do NOT use programs that will speed up your computer.

This Topic is about lag in Grand Fantasia and some ways to lower it Smile

Thanks to my friend wahid22 for the fullscreen part.
It took me along time to figure out the low settings :/
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