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How to Get Taiwan GFO Empty How to Get Taiwan GFO

on Sun Sep 30, 2018 7:09 pm
Fri Jun 19, 2015 10:24 pm

Hello Guys Shows here now this forum/topic
is about how to get tawain gf !
Note, Most of the pictures include translation via google chrome so um yeah it will be just japanese junk for your time.

Step 1:
First of all, goto this link:
scroll down, it should show up like this:
How to Get Taiwan GFO 20pv7sg
Click the 1st button that says Never Registered, it will open
up a new tab with the registration.
How to Get Taiwan GFO 33xtvz9

It should lead you to something like this:
How to Get Taiwan GFO 28lteuf
You Can Enter Fake Details.

After that when you click the blue button
it should take u to this page:
How to Get Taiwan GFO Rkddtl
The Grey Button is to Skip the Step.
Just Click the Blue Button.

Step 2:
When You Click The Blue Button, it should lead
you to this page:

You can put any fake information
Just fill in the year as the number 1 and leave it. C:
Select Any Counties, then it will fill in the other 2, leave it as it is.
Click le Blue Button
It will take u to this page:

Click the grey button, you want to skip this annoying Step.
After you clicked the Grey Button, It will lead you to this page:

Click the Selected Blue button
it will lead to the game page where u make your
account for ur game!
it will look something like this:

Find Grand Fantasia, Click the Blue Button
The Blue Button will lead you to this page:

Click the Agree,Selected Button~
Then it will take you to your Registered Page<3

Step 4:
This is the page that it will take to:

Enter username 6-20 letters
Password 1 uppercase.
bleh bleh pic shows. Im Lazy to Explain.
Click Blue button when done, but
dont forget the code !

After u clicked the blue button it
will get u to a Useless Page.

Step 5:
Go Back to the Tawain GF Page
Link here:

Then There is a button you should click:

Click on it, then it will take you to
the Download Page.
There Are Many Buttons.
Which one to pick? You Say
This is how it should look:
How to Get Taiwan GFO 30su8us

After u clicked on the selected button,
you will get the setup.
use the setup, checkbox, next,next,bleh.
there u go ^^

Hope this helped. <3
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