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Sprite Academy Empty Sprite Academy

on Sun Sep 30, 2018 6:35 pm
Welcome to Sprite Academy! There Are Big Sprites and Not only that there are Big tiles X and O! Recently this battlefield was copied from Hall of Judgment one and they removed some codes and replaced new ones, including the questions.

What You Do is that You STEP on O For True,Yes Or Step on X For False, No.

For Example there are 20 Questions Sprite Spock Will Give You.

Example Question 1: Kaslow City Had a king.
The Answer would be X, Because he died.

The Higher level u are, the more quests they give u advice on! Use them and remember them for Sprite Academy!
When u are on Rankings, You can get a prize from sprite Spock!

Now onto the Questions And Answers!
I Will SORT The Questions by Category, so use CTRL + F to find things quicker.
Please Note SOME of these Answers may have typos or may be wrong. If you find a answer with a typo and/or a answer thats wrong, Please tell me it by a pm or reply to this thread WITH THE QUESTION AND THE ANSWER, AND THE CORRECTION. Thanks and no trolling.


[Ilya]16k Rep for Classified Doc 2 from Maria
[Jale]16k Treasure Appraisal Beast Destroyer Res Stone Formula

~~~Rep Increase~~~
[KW]Onyx Beastman Coins
[BSB]Bug Energy Crystals

~~~(Trade)/Equip title to perform disguise~~~
Trade "A Good Pirate" for a Lady Pirate.
Trade "Evil pirate" for pirate jelly rabbit disguise !
Trade "Third Aniversary - Thank You" for a giant sprite disguise! <3
Trade "Forest Campsite Keeper" for a Swamp plant thing, Swamp Flower? STF
Trade "Blue Bay Harbor Guard" For a bug warrior thingy. BSB


7 colors
5 moods

~~~Prasing Days~~~ GMT + 1 (CEST - 1 day ahead PST)
Monday: Moon
Tuesday: Fire
Wednesday: Water
Thursday: Forest
Friday: Metal
Saturday: Earth
Sunday: Sun

~~~Sprite types~~~ (Extra information is what the storyteller suits the sprite for)
Deepfathom > guns
Moonwhisper > staffs
Holylight > shields | Warrior branch |made special technique to make shields
Silverneedle > P-Equip | Close-combat / magic / defensive
Sunblaze > axes | Seek power and destruction / Crazy Destroyer
Starsong > mallets | Calm, careful, powerful / protected nazarites / sing when make warhammers
Fairflower > bows
Nightwind > swords | Excellent melee fighters (Warrior Branch)
Silverleaf > everything
Bloodhammer > W-Equip | Protected someone from a dragon
Rainbowmist > M-Equip
Windstorm > A-Equip | Mysterious

S1 (L1)> blob
S2 (L21)> body
S3 (L51)> wings
S4 (L71)> sparklesssss


[PC]Bats, (Demon) Stone Soldiers, and Spiders.
[DT]Cassidy's magic helped support the seal.
[ACV]Sprite holy land.
[CM]The miner lost 4 sons
[EC]The detectors break all the time due to monster destruction
[EC]Sealed by unknown 20-50 years ago // Fiest 20 years ago
[HKT]Tolos modified the staff of armstrong to get inside
[BFR]Secret Document of BFR says Jarl is a mole of Kaslow
[SMF]Eletrical waves? NOT ANYMORE
[BK]?? Is at Entrance. Not Jessica
[UC]The 1st Susipous Person is a Little Girl

[GS]Emperor Lakeside
[HP]Fountain statue in Kalnis Citadel is Ardenis Lover Statue.
[AH]Carso, the Hero of Time, is located here.
[SV]Serenity Temple (LoS)
[MP]Eternal Mother Temple (GW)
[AH]Ronto Temple (SMM)
[AH]Celestia is a name for attracting tourists.
[HP/MP]Ardenis steals from the rich to give to the poor; making an army in HP to atk MP
[DF]Created by sprites and sorcerers

~~~Time Rift~~~
[KWD]Duke Scion Frantik is at Lake Mila's Rock Point
[KWD]Rebel Boatman Bourne is at LMRP
[BSB]At the top corner is Writher's Outpost
[RB]Mudley is at Strategic Base
[RB]Joan is the mother of a land
[STF]Lucie is a Wep Merch


[KWS] LV85 Wartime Life 3 - Dumber and Dumber title.
[ACV] LV65 Defeat Baha - Heeeeeeeeey(, guess who!) achievement.
[HKT] LV56 Defeat Tolos - Taking the Back Door achievement.
[SMF] LV61 Pull Buster Tanks and Cybers out of B1
[???] Book Legend of Lady Knight - Burning Knight's Soul title
[???] Praised one - LRange + Ranged atk spd
[???] Violet Shadow - green color
[RM] LV50 Get Rich Quick Scheme - break all the pots!
[CS] Defeat Bradiass - Breaking the Kraken
[SMF] Drag the Pilot patrolling the tank - Out on the Street

~~~X is in love with Y~~~
[PF]Liutenant Charna <3 Jessica
[AB]Kanut <3 Basimene
[GS]Emily the villager <3 Abe the Carpenter
[SV]Herelia <3 Audus
[RIF]Jody <3 Caret
[GS][SV]Scroll Scholar Jada is <3 with Norton
[Ilya]Cahan <3 Fuelya
[KW]Weap Elsy <3 Armor Tardemir
[Illya]Lyon <3 Yalisa
[PIP]Ricci <3 ? and </3 craftsmen blend

[Elsaland]Since the whereabouts of Singa is unknown, the seat was given to Knight Ronald
[PIP]Blue Whale Port was occupied by pirates but became vacant because the paths were blocked.
[PF]Foster the Thirtheenth's family was full of sorcerers
[SV]Old knight Dustan buried his sword under Sahan Vine
[Ilya] Dunn the White Flame became Sword Wraith of Sword Tomb Stone after he left
[EC]Sealed by an unknown 20 years ago
[SI]Otorio is working with Ptlomey to help fix the West City Ruins crisis
[LH/SMM]Bend is in LH while his son Benlen is in SMM.
[BRP]Captain Basaland's pirate double is here.
[PF]Lieutenant Charna went to the origin of the plague to stop it.
[AH]Bilahey is a follower of Carso
[Saphael]Warrior Albert is a Sprite Messenger protected by Fairflower
[Siwa Island]There's a hut on the left , and it's Babama's
[SI]Casas had a cup stolen from him.
[MF]Colby wants to be stronger to attract chicks
[FFP]Darsus hid the fact that he saw her because he wanted to protect the miracle maiden.
[SWD]<Science Advisor> Mina came to investigate the water (lake)
[KW]They cover their ears after guns are shot.
[DT/??]Excavators Stoka and Lach are bros
[LOS]Barriet is a braggart who killed a Witch Doctor Bane, a yak, and a giant in one shot.
[RB]Pamela likes to play hide and seek with Not Clint, Klin or whatev
[WR]Kraft was awakened by a trap activated by Cliff.
[AH]Spirit Sage was a Temp
[STF]<Royal Liutenant> Jessica was forced to flee here
[BRP]Quill's Kids sealed his stone
[BRP]Villiage Head Wife Maria lost her ex-hubby and daughter 50 years ago
[LOS]HKT gas is making the dragons madly attack people
[BR]Aleichi Blood > dragon
[BR]Black Dragon Colossus is the work of a genious sculptor
[Elsaland]Basa seeks a realm called Endless Land
[SMM]Gobert-01 was created by a goblin(?)
[IWB]Traitor Raser stole the lost mining vehicle(?)
[BRP]Quill is sealed in the rock by Foster the Sorcerer(?)
[BRP]Alobee keeps a vulture named Afika
[BS]Lyon used Marla's Crystal Ball against Myski
[BRP]Basa is the father of Lina(?)
[MF]Underground Dark energy started the mutations
[OB]Demons are searching for the Safe's Sword
[AI]Supervisor Gable worries about the Great Pearl Reef Vacation Cottage Project
[MW]Columbus sank due to a time travel snafu
[MW]The Kaslow Caravan was on its way to Illya
[SI]Casas had colorful pearls stolen from him
[MP]Corpercornius 1 Crashed Here
[SF]Crimson Sawtooth Army is threatening Kaslow here.
[GW]The things in the Gaia Square are used for fighting and stuff
[TLM]SLM (South Lion Mountain) ---> O
[AH]Demons relocated due to a sudden increase in magic fog
[MW]Pirahna Plants grew crazy because of radiation
[BR]Swift Dragons were created from Alechi's Soul, you got that bitch? <3
[Angoya]Coconut Casino had a fountain that looked like a sprite gettin a bottle.
[BR]Siropas won title of Underworld King by getting the power from blakatoa range

[Ilya] <Island Guard> Birdwhisperer(Uno?) is organizing an attack on Chiyu.
[MF]Swafer sells mushrooms.
[Ilya]Lancelot is the Academy Dean.
[BSB]Thorax Pier's armor merch is Armsteram
[Ilya]Magic Academy Dean is Edward
[GS]Dingy Larry must be found for Sailor's Special
[BSB]<Mercenary Leader> Clauza must be found to enter Underground Catacomb
[Ilya]Dunn left to pursue sword skills.
[STF]Lucie is a weapon merchant.
[BSB]<Royal Colonel> Clark must be found to go to Knoll Fort
[PIP]Olsen is a Four Seas Chairmen
[EMI]Legend has it that Templar Safes sealed the Emissary Blair.
[BRP]Rebel Bourne Lake Mila's Rock Point
[BR]Sutan, the King of Witchcraft in Blackfire City was Ilya's Sorcerer.
[AB]Soroya is the lord, Kina is the chief.
[???]Lari likes guerrila warefare stuff.
[Illya]Cordy is at Ilya
[FFP]Makka is the gatekeeper
[BlazingK]Cunning Whisperer Tespin turns into Polsolain
[UK/BR]Wing of Flame, Eye of Dark Fire, Fire Horn
[BSB]Clauza calls Jale home
[SV]Jarred hates the cooking.
[???]Mysterious Man lost his eyesight in an accident
[RB]Mudley is at Strategic Area
[BSB]War Fanatic Ando is sometimes called Viper
[PIP]Stiffany is the Harbor Guard Captain
[BK]Heruz helps Kraken
[RB]Panu likes preforming rock music!
[Kas]Akir is the Kaslow aptain
[RB]Rebel Captain Oda thinks Kas was easily taken because he wasn't in Kaslow at the time.
[GS]the real identity of fisherman kennis is dingy larry, close friend of ardenis

~~~Quill Authors~~~
[Ilya}Fenyr - Spectre Detectors


~~~Quest Bosses~~~
[IWB]O'Mallow is a Jelly Rabbit.
[BP]Bling Kong the ape wants Antaro's Clothes.
[SI]First Mate Fritz.
[KW]Purgatory War Monster is orange
[BK]Skurki will turn into a blue egg at the end
[BK]Urkin splits in two

~~~Rare Elites~~~
[BP]The Skeleton Enarkar is simply terrifying; he was the Kuda Villiage chief.
[MF]Horatio was a failed Magic Academy experiment
[SI]Kahula is a loner
[RR]Jester, the eagle, wants a hair growth potion.
[AB]Sahu is known for being swift and silent.
[Ancient]Tiamu hates people because he has an arrow on his ass.
[Angoya]Boaris hates red
[KP]Ojisk is hated because his color
[EM]Wika goes to the lake for warmth.
[LH]Derek left the cave because he was tired of killing
[PIP]Pinch was a handsome man
[OB]Coast Sawtooth Crab is blue.
[GS]Etalpalli turned into a crab to lose weight, fatass.
[SV i think]Evil Treeants spew pink mist.
[BSB]Didi raised Crab Eye
[MW]Albiete likes to dig dirt on people and hates himself because he was dumped
[SV]Clave is an ironvore
[KW]Freyack occupies the south part
[WFF]Bird Birdbird likes dazzling outfits
[KW]Beastman Commander Poeta occupies the camp

~~~Guild Bosses~~~
[SV] Ken
[GS]Sibo Gin
[FFP]Rare Mutant
[BSB]Scroby - 3 wings.
[STF]Sadro - Tiger - 6 clawmarks on his face
[KWD]Oz, his name aint Wilderbee


===Avatar=== 40-50
[AF]Lust's Herald - Monday
[MF]Gluttony's Herald - Wednesday
[SI]Envy's Herald - Friday
[SWD]Sloth's Herald - Saturday
[BP]Wrath's Herald - Saturday
[BRP]Pride's Herald - Sunday

===Doomsday=== 60
[BR]Hot-Blooded Ram Lust - Tuesday
[KP]Callous King of Gluttony(y) - Thursday
[MW]Two-Faced Queen Envy - Saturday
[PF]Chaos Maiden Sloth - Saturday
[SMM]Devastating Slayer Wrath - Sunday
[AI]Deep Sea Emperor Pride - Sunday

===Berserk=== 70-80
[EM]Gluttony's Madness - Wednesday
[APR]Illusion of Wrath
[KV]Lust's Madness - Monday
[OB]Envy's Madness - Tuesday
[WFF]Sloth's Madness - Thursday
[AB]Pride's Madness - Saturday

[SV]Justice - Monday
[MP]Chariot - Wednesday
[GS]Nanoq - Friday

Beldargoth - EA 70/80/90

[AH]Alpha Yen - Monday
[AH]Beta Shu - Tuesday
[AH]Gamma Wei - Wednesday
[AH]Delta Yi - Thursday
[FFP]Zeta I - Friday
[FFP]Eta Yip - Saturday
[FFP]Theta Zi - Sunday
[FFP]Iota Zhong - Monday
[HP]Khappa Zhi - Wednesday
[HP]Epsilong Huang - Friday
[HP]Omega Xi - Saturday
[HP]Sigma Guang - Sunday

===Taro King===
[BSB]Hermit - Thursday / Sunday
[STF]Demon - Wednesday / Saturday
[KWD]Lover - Tuesday / Friday


==Kuda And Kuma==
[PC]Kuda Got Lost
[CM]Kuma Got Poisoned
[DT]Kuda broke a Crystal
[OSI]Kuma lost control

[SV]Grassland Temple Spirit Valley
[FFP]Underworld King Temple, Sprite King Siropas. Frostfire pass
[HP]Forest Temple, Sprite Queen Alice. Heirloom Peninsula

~~ FALSE ~~
[FFP]Morubal likes money and obsidian (X)
[Saph]Yellow sprites are evil (X)
[RIF]Seething Kaslow 4th Boss doesn't ride a yellow bird yo
[?]Ardenis's name aint Lupa yo, its Jadice somthing
[AB]u aint gotta reforge safes' sword to wake up the divine beast
[AF]Angelo aint a sorcerer
[GW]Waraen spies on Crimson sawtooth army in GW on the order of ??, not clark
[SI]Kahlua doesnt hate crocodiles, he hates lovers.
[SMF]goblin troops opened the SMF entrance, NOT causing electric waves, causing ??
[MP]hunting ground at weasel camp keeps shrinking due to a heretic invasion, not a ??
[GS]Sandstorm sage chiki, loves ?? more than any food, not spider fishman soup
[Deepfathom]It isnt known as a faction, the rep is known as ??
[AB]General Bath in AB is slowly healing due to a attackers curse, not a ?? yo.
[RR]Wern's son aint trapped in scorpion venom, yo.
[GS]Abe the carpenter dun like scroll scholar jada, its a girl by the lake named ??
[KW]Keeper of Beastman Tomb's name is Oz, not Wilderbee. e.e
[RR]Jester attacked ppl to get a hair growth potion, not a food supply.
[RB]Hank is mourning his Dead ??, not his Dead brother.
[HP]Kalnis Citadel was built by ???, not <King of the Citadel> kusiatoli
[RB]Daffy is a ?? man, not a brave guy. KUS DAT GOOFY NAME.
[LOS]Fighter Muca is looking for the lost boxing art Spin Ola Ola, not a ??
[BSB]Clauza aint on Deserted Island, she on ???
[LH]Lithograph scorp tail has abillity to NOT summon nether creatures, ??? does
[BR]Blackfire city is stronghold of crimson sawtooth army, not ??? army.
[EM]Jelly rabbit fan club is a branch under gold diamond, not black diamond or whatever.
[SV?] mad poisonus vine soldiers left eye is green, not ??
[??]Complete quest wartime life 3 to recieve the title dumb dumb and dumber, not ???
[LH] the motto of the survey head bend on duty is "Be bold" not "??"
[PIP] the jelly rabbit fan club is a branch under ??? diamond, not black diamond
[BS] Sprite king ewan isnt in Misty wetland, its in Black swamp.
[KP]Salas is a spider, not a skeleton wolf.
[GS]Sibo Gin is in Golden Sandbar, not ???.
[AF]Systan lurks there, not nibel. Nibel = Steam mine mountain.
[SI]Jasmine broke the seal on Ancient Grandbaron, not Furuguru or whatever
[BFR] the secret document of black flame from blackfire city fingers jarl as the mole from kaslow
[GS]the real identity of fisherman kennis is dingy larry, close friend of ardenis, not ??
[RM]the secret tunnel leading to the underground palace in bath is located at RM, not ??
[BSB]Hermit, not lover.
[Elsaland] ronald didnt agree with ??? takeover of elsaland, not ronald's takeover
[BS/SI]Damian in Black Swamp is in love with fisherman elena in Southern Island, not ???
[?] Giant Dragon is the mount of holy king narmi, not ??
[AF]Dorian used to be NOT a member of the white flame order
[?]Ardenis is interested in stealing from rich and giving to poor
[SWD]Corpse worms were summoned by ??, not the bath priest's call
[SF] Tilaye didnt die kus he didnt drank too much beer or a wolf bit him, he drank too much spring water :0
[REP] Kaslow is faction, not kingdom..
[KV]Birdbird was NOT a cursed phoenix, it was a ???
[?]Pirate King ardenis is interested in ??, not killing the kraken
[Title]Basic Garage +4 speed, not 2.
[KW]Sult detests green skinned goblins, not ??? skinned goblins
[?]Jadora is a childish girl, not a ?? girl
[Elsaland] Yobese is takanthy's old sergant, not ??? old sergant
[?] ACV was the Sprite Holy Land, not the Holy King's Tomb
[KW]Potera doesnt goto lake mila ina timed event
[LOS]Eilenberge doesnt have low self-esteem.
[AI]Coconut Casino contains a small fountain that looks like a sprite getting a ??, not peeing.
[?]Legend of gold book to recieve achievement - MMMM, not ???
[BS]Wisewood started attacking northwind peak due to ???, not erosion caused by black magic
[MP]Copernus 1 isnt a robot, its ??
[?]Sky city governor is sinaz, not ??e
[AF]Dorian used to be a member of the ??, not white flame order.
[BK]?? not jessica, at entrance
[STF]Lucie is a wep merch, not ??
[IB]Browney makes money by selling foreigin products, not by ???
[Jale]Jaro aint a traitor to black bull brotherhood, its blacksheep
[RB]Top left not top right
[?]Lupa is Ardenis's 1%s, this is bugged. O mostly, but sometimes X~~
[SWD]Luke loves to eat ??, not apples
[?]Columbus sank due to ??, not a sea monster
[SWD]Clay dall has been taken by sawadar of fort condor
[RB]Joan is NOT a brave lady warrior
[WWC]the knight sealed is ??, NOT feist
[SMF]robots are generated by electric waves fused with magic, not ???
[?]The staff of foster is taken from ??, NOT KUKURYU
[OB]Brahms made a soul purifier but ended up making memory extractor, He didnt make ???
[RB]Mudley is at ??, not Armament Area
[RB?]<War fantatic> homi thinks war is a chance to change his life, not ??
[WFF?]?? is loyal to Singa, not Duolon
[?]Dread pirate captain basa seeks a place called lost realm??, not deepfathom
[EM]Demon hunter ryan goal to kill a gargoyle, not a ??
[BK]duke scion frantik is at entrance of Blazing kaslow, not at ??
[sprite]Rainbowmist Sprites make robes, so does silverneedle, not any other sprite type. :L
[AB]Mystic Petal Is a metaphor for sparkling love, not ??
[SK]<beastman destroyer>heruz in SK serves as a reinforcement for <murky depths beast> kraken, not ??
[Kaslow]Jessica's True love is ??, not general Jarl
[OB]Nole anna in OB has a secret crush on ??, not border guard knight paris
[Kaslow] Owen Rank is ??, not captain
[Angoya]Alex is hired by ??, not Jarl

This is all i can Get! Hope u can be Smart in Grand Fantasia!
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