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Sprite Praising Empty Sprite Praising

on Sun Sep 30, 2018 7:11 pm
Mon Mar 07, 2016 7:04 pm

Full Sprite Praising List

Before we get started, What is a Sprite Prasing? Well Sprite Praisings are for Crafting and maybe Claying. Praising is said that it increases your chance to successfully craft any kind of apparel or weapons that you are trying to do when you do it in a certain day where your sprite’s type is praising the same element for the day. And it is also presumed that it works the same way when you try to do m-alchemy.

In your sprite's Cottage, beside the name of your sprite at the TOP of the tab, should be a Dash " - " following it is the Type of Sprite, or Tribe for your sprite. When you Preview Alchemy to view the O-Clay table and M-clay Table, you can see what kind of praising it is today.

Now that we know what Sprite Praising is, let's get on to the list! First things first, we must know the Days of which Praising is on which Day.

-Monday = Moon
-Tuesday = Fire
-Wednesday= Water
-Thursday = Forest
-Friday = Metal
-Saturday = Earth
-Sunday = Sun

Now lets get to the full praising list and which sprite tribe goes to which praising. Note, the SPRITE TRIBES that are underlined means NOT Sure if it belongs here.

-Monday | MOON:
-Starsand , Moonwhisper , Nightwind

-Tuesday | FIRE:
-Sunblaze, Redflame

-Wednesday | WATER:
-Emeraldsea , Rainbowmist , Icedust , Miracle Springs

-Thursday | FOREST:
-Treesguard , Windblade , Fairflower , Lifelight

-Friday | METAL:
-Diamond , Silverneedle , Silverleaf , Bloodhammer

-Saturday | EARTH:
-Fairflower , Plainswind , Deepfathom , Windstorm

-Sunday | SUN:
-Sunblaze , Redflame , Peakhorn , Holylight

The following Sprite Groups that have been underlined for a reason:

-Lifelight: Praising Guess: Forest

From all the Praising Lists I see other players make, I never see Lifelight. According to the GF wiki, Lifelight sprites are mainly from the Gaia Woodlands sprite altar. It's said that Eternal Mother (Gaia Woodlands Altar) shared her motherly love with the creatures of the forest, also she was born at the same time with the Gaia Tree. Lifelight could also be Earth, but Forest seems more suited.

-Miracle Springs: Praising Guess: Either Earth, Metal, Sun, or Water

It's hard to actually say what praising Miracle Springs sprite are. Miracle Springs sprite are dropped from Prismata, Dreamer's Plateau and it's sprite altar, Ginny.

"Her tranquil face fills onlookers with peace ; she dreams of harmony, a land without sorrow." Ginny means "Hope", with her Crystal Ball she leads people to Paradise. She brings Hope and Vitality. Barren Land turns into Fertile Soil as she slumbers, crops grow, and spring water flows, all for this beautiful, sleeping princess, her long lashes occasionally fluttering just slightly as she dreams."

Earth and Water is the closest praisings i can think of for Miracle Springs. Probably Water due to the fact that Miracle SPRINGS, a spring has water soo water it is..

Thanks for coming along on this guide, I hope it helped ya.
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